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Our passion for creating meaningful change for our students and clients is what sets us apart.  The BIZKIDZ TALENT COACHING team believes in the potential of each one of our BizKidz, and it truly shows in all of our work. 


All of our instructors and coaches believe in the BizKidz mission.  Providing stellar coaching, training and opportunities for children who are  interested in the creative and performing arts at an affordable cost.   Contact us if you are interested in joining the BizKidz Team. 


Instructor Brook Swiger holds a Masters of Music in Vocal Pedagogy from Belmont University. Brook has extensive experience in voice studies through the Belmont vocal pedagogy program and the Vanderbilt Voice Center in Nashville, TN. For years Brook has guided her students toward their musical goals through providing a fun and relaxing environment that encourages healthy vocal technique, confidence, and strong musical skills.  

Instructor Hayley Harris holds a Bachelors in Performing Arts from American Musical Dramatic Academy. Haley is a working actor and recently starred in The Last Five Years. She loves to help actors and performers  develop their craft and strengthen their creativity. Her passion for teaching has grown,over the years  and she continues to be inspired by her students everyday. 

Brian McElreath
Booking Agent

Brian McElreath has been involved in the talent management world for several years, working as a talent agent and manager for speakers, musicians, professional chefs, athletes and event hosts.  Understanding the process of developing a performer/presenter, Brian loves to encourage new talent along their journey to working consistently and following their desires and passion.  His knowledge of the booking process is invaluable and also understands how to position personalities so that a great deal of success can be imagined.  A single father of three unique and talented kids

Tamara Sowell is the owner of Infinity Talent Management Agency and has over a decade of experience in the competitive dance world.  Tamara has strong attention to detail, communication  and organizational silks.  These top notch skill sets are why she excels at locating and matching creative opportunities for talent. Tamara has three beautiful and talented children. 

Sophia Scheel
Jr. Assistant

Sophia Scheel is a talented singer, musician, competitive 

 dancer and working actor.   Sophia loves teaching and bonding with the younger children when assisting with our classes and events for our 3-9 year old students. 

Brook Swiger

Vocal Coach

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Tamara Sowell

Booking Assistant

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Hayley Harris
Acting Coach

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